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BPO2, Craiova, Romania

Based on an initiative of the Balkan Physics Union Council taken in 2019, a first edition of a new competition addressed to the high school students gifted in Physics has been launched last year: the Balkan Physics Olympiad – BPO. The first edition was held in Thessaloniki (Greece) in July 2019. Planed initially to be held in Craiova, Romania, July 1-6, 2020, the second edition of the competition had to be postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

We have the pleasure of announcing the 2nd BPO contest to be held

ONLINE, October 24, 2020.

 The competition will be held under the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU) and the European Physical Society (EPS), with the support of the Ministry of Education and Research from Romania, in the organization of the Department of Physics from the University of Craiova, Romania.


  • The BPU member countries can officially participate in the contest. These countries are: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.
  • Other countries may also be invited as guest countries.
  • Each participating country, including any guest country, should nominate one team of 4 students and up to two teachers (leader and deputy leader).
  • Students, participants of the BPO2020, must be middle school or high school students, born after 1.1.2003.
  • The teams (students, leader and deputy leader) should be nominated until September 24th, 2020, via e-mail:


  • The Scientific Committee consists of a chairman and the leaders of the teams from the participating countries.
  • The task of the Scientific Committee is to select problems and prepare the test, as well as to evaluate the solutions of the contestants and decide upon the final score and awards.
  • Each country can propose up to five problems and they should be e-mailed to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee until October 9th, 2020. The proposed problems should include their solutions.
  • Till the same day, the members of SC from each participating country (the leaders of the teams) will inform the BPU President and the BPO Organizing Committee on the specific arrangements on how and where the contest will be organized in their country.
  • The chairman of the BPO2 Scientific Committee, appointed by the BPU Executive Committee at the meeting in Thessaloniki, at the end of BPO1, is Prof. Sebastian Popescu, from the “A. I. Cuza” University Iassy (Romania).


  • Taking into account the situation generated by the COVID pandemic, the 2020 edition of BPO will be an online competition.
  • If the situation will allow cross-border travel, the SC will assure the coordination of the contest from a centralized office established in Romania. Otherwise, the SC activity will be online, too.
  • The participating teams will be gathered in a unique place from their own country. The place (classroom, hall, office) has to have an adequate IT infrastructure assuring the video and the audio connection of the place with OSC all the time during the contest.
  • The competition will consist in a written test lasting for 4 hours. The test will consist of theoretical and experimental problems, formulated on the base of the curriculum given at . It is the same curriculum as in the BPO1 contest.
  • The official language of the BPO is English, but the students will write the paper in their own language. The team leader of each country should be proficient in English, and he will be aiding with the translation of the problems in the language of their own country.
  • The subjects will be transferred online from SC to the teams and the students will solve the problems under the supervision of the deputy leader. After the contest, scanned copies of the papers will be transferred back by the deputy leader to SC.
  • The SC will evaluate the papers and will announce the results.


  • There are 3 prizes to be awarded:
  1. First prize (gold medal)
    2. Second prize (silver medal)
    3. Third prize (bronze medal)
  • A certificate of Honorable Mention shall be awarded to each student contestant who does not receive a prize and who has obtained full marks on at least one question.
  • A Certificate of Participation shall be given to all student contestants.
  • The medals, certificates and other prizes will be given to the contestants at the official closing ceremony.
  • Number of medals will be decided by the Scientific Committee prior to the beginning of the BPO.


  • The Organizers of BPO 2 could cover the costs of the internal travel to and from the place where the teams will be gathered.

BPU President

Prof. Dr. Goran Djordjević

BPO LOC President

Prof. dr. Radu Constantinescu