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The Cross Section of the

Balkan High-School Physics Curricula



Fundamental quantities and derived quantities 

Conversion of units 

Significant digits of numbers

Motion in One Dimension

Position, velocity, and acceleration 

Motion diagrams 

Motion in Two Dimensions

Position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration 

Projectile Motion

The trajectory of a projectile as combination of horizontal motion with constant velocity and vertical motion with constant acceleration 

A body projected horizontally 

Height and range of a projectile

The Laws of Motion

The concept of force 

Newton’s first law 

Newton’s second law 

Newton’s third law 

Forces of friction 

Free-body diagram 

Energy of a System

Work done by a constant force 

Kinetic energy 

Kinetic energy and the work–kinetic energy theorem 

Potential energy of a system 

Conservative and non-conservative forces 

Relationship between conservative forces and potential energy 

Mechanical energy of a system 

Changes in mechanical energy for conservative and nonconservative forces 

Mechanical energy of a block–spring system



Current and Resistance

Electric current 


Ohm’s law 

Electromotive force 

Resistors in series and parallel 

Equivalent resistance in simple circuits 

Electric power