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BPU Headquarters Grand opening

In accordance with the BPU Council meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018, BPU started process of obtaining the status of the legal entity with the Headquarters at Department of Physics Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. This process was completed in June 2022.

On October the 5th, the new BPU elected President, Prof Constantinescu, the former President Prof Goran Đorđević (2018-2022), and Ex-Secretary Dr. Kostas Vourlias visited the Physics Department of Thessaloniki and the new BPU Headquarters. The President of the Physics Department, Prof Alexandra Ioannidou made a guided tour to the guests of the laboratories of the Department.

Many members of the Physics Department and guests participated in the ceremony for the grand opening of the BPU headquarters.

All the participants discussed and agreed that there are many opportunities for the BPU and the Physics Department of Thessaloniki for further collaboration.

Photo gallery from the Opening is available here.