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6th BPU – Istanbul, Turkey (August 22-26, 2006)

Under BPU’s coordination, the Balkan Physics Research Institution and Research Group came into existence. Currently, there exist 5 different research working groups coordinated by various Balkan research centers: Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Institute Fisika Atomica Bucharest, University of Istanbul and others in collaborations with European Physical Societies.

There are a lot of proposals under consideration from various countries, offered by the most eminent national research centers, to be included in the BPU research network. There already exist 4 different research centers. Recently the Belgrade center of the Balkan Institute of Metrology at the Vincha Institute was accepted in Thessaloniki in 1997.

Balkan Physics Letters Journal

The first Editor-in-Chief, E. Dorobancu, was appointed by the BPU council in Bucharest in 1987. Recent political and financial turmoil in Romania and the Balkans was the reason for the delay of the first BPL issue. The first issue of Balkan Physics Letters was published in 1993 under scientific responsibility and the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union in Turkey with the support of the Bogazici University Center for Turkish Balkan Physical Research and Applications. Each volume comprises 4 issues a year. The Editor-in-Chief from 1993 to 2001 was Emine R�zaoglu, and since 2002 is Engin Ar�k. John Freely is also editor since 1994.

The papers submitted to the Balkan Physics Letters journal are by definition supposed to contain: … “nontrivial new results, ideas, concepts, experimental methods, theoretical treatments etc. and be of interest and importance to one or several section of the physics community”…