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  • The Balkan Physics Olympiad (BPO) will be organized once every year. The first BPO2019 will be held on July 2019.
  • The BPO can only be held in one of the BPU member countries and only pupils from the member countries can officially participate in the contest.
  • The member countries of BPU are: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.
  • The host country may also invite other pupils as unofficial participants.
  • Pupils who are participating in the BPO2019, must be middle school or high school pupils, born after 1-1-2002.
  • Each country can propose up to four problems and they should be e-mailed to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee until the 15th of June. The proposed problems should include their solutions.
  • The official language of the BPO is English.The team leaders of each country will be aiding with the translation of the questions in the official language of the country. Participant pupils will solve the problems in the official language of their country.


There are 3 category of prizes to be awarded:

  • Gold medals (best 10% of the participants)
  • Silver medals (next 15% of the participants)
  • Bronze medals (next 25 % of the participants)
  • Honorable Mention (the next 17 % of the participants)
  • A certificate of Honorable Mention shall also be awarded to each pupil who has obtained full marks on at least one problem.
  • A Certificate of Participation shall be given to all pupils contestants.
  • The medals, certificates and other prizes will be given to the contestants at the official closing ceremony.