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First Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

Based on a long-term existing initiative and need for a BALKAN PHYSICS OLYMPIAD, discussions at the last BPU Council held in Sofia, and the initiative from colleagues from Greece (Thessaloniki/Hellenic Physical Society), we have the pleasure to invite you to the 1st Balkan Physics Olympiad – BPO2019.

The 1st BPO would take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, July 14-18, 2019. The competition will be held under the auspices of the Balkan Physical Union (BPU) and the European Physical Society (EPS), and with the assistance of the Department of Physics in Thessaloniki.


The Balkan Physics Olympiad`s aims are:

• The challenging, encouragement and development of physics education in all participating member countries.

• The fostering of friendly relationships among the students and teachers of the participating countries.

• The creation of opportunities for the exchange of information of school syllabi and practices within the member countries.

• The gaining of experience and preparation for the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

• To provide training for students participating in the IPhO.

• To initiate discussions and cooperation regarding the education of physics for the secondary schools of Balkan countries.

• The promotion of physics, science and education in general.


• The Balkan Physics Olympiad (BPO) is organized once every year. The first BPO2019, will be organized in July.

• The BPO can only be organized in one of the member countries and only member countries can officially participate in the contest.

• The member countries of BPU are: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

• The host country may also invite other students as unofficial participants.

• Students, participants of the BPO2019, must be middle school or high school students, born after 1.1.2002.

• The BPO contest lasts for two days and 4 hours continuously per day.

• Each country can propose up to five problems and they should be e-mailed to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee. The proposed problems should include their solutions.

• The official language of the BPO is English. Students must be able to answer test questions in the official language of the Olympiad (English).


• There are 3 prizes to be awarded:

1. First prize (gold medal)
2. Second prize (silver medal)
3. Third prize (bronze medal)

• A certificate of Honorable Mention shall be awarded to each student contestant who does not receive a prize and who has obtained full marks on at least one question.

• A Certificate of Participation shall be given to all student contestants.

• The medals, certificates and other prizes will be given to the contestants at the official closing ceremony.

• Number of medals will be decided by the Scientific Committee prior to the beginning of the BPO


• Each participating country, including any guest country, should nominate one team of 4 students and up to two teachers (leader and deputy leader).

• Those, up to 4, students could be selected from the national competitions.


• For the First BPO only the costs of travel to and from the place of the competition should be paid by teams.

• All local expenses, including food and accommodation, for all invited teams and participants. will be covered by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) from Greece.

• Accompanying persons and observers are welcome, but they should pay for their stay.

Scientific Committee (SC)

• The Scientific Committee consists of a chairman and up to 9 experts (SC members), one from each participant country. The task of the Scientific Committee is to select problems and prepare the test, as well as to evaluate the solutions of the contestants and decide upon the final score and awards.

• The chairman of the first BPO SC will be appointed by the BPU Executive Committee based on the proposal form the host country.


• Students must answer the test questions independently, unless a test explicitly states that group work is allowed.

• The test will consist of theoretical and experimental problems.

The experts from BPU countries should be nominated until February 22nd 2019 via e-mail: .

• The teams (students, leader and deputy leader) should be nominated until May 31st, 2019 at the latest.

BPU president BPO LOC president & BPU secretary

Prof. Dr. Goran Djordjević

Dr. Kostas Vourlias