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Professor Victor Ciupina (President of BPU for the period 2009-2012) declares the beginning of Council Committee meeting.

1. Activities
2. Organization of the BPU-9
3. Miscellaneous
4. Election of new executive committee member.

1. Activities

Professor Goran Djordjevic proposed to have the Executive Committee (EC) meeting first, to meet the rules of the BPU Constitution and consider proposals for the new Executive Committee. He no-ticed that version of the BPU Constitution from 1997 presented to the Council should be completed by amendment accepted after 1997. The proposal was unanimously accepted.

Meeting of Executive Committee was opened by President of the BPU Prof. Victor Ciupina, and a preliminary list of candidates was presented by the EC members.

Meeting of the EC was closed and meeting of the Council was continued.

Activities in the period 2009-2012 were not considered.

2. Organization of the BPU-9

Ass. Prof. Yesin Oktem proposed that the 9th General Conference of the Balkan Physical Union BPU-9 to take place in Ohrid or Istanbul during summer 2015. The Council Committee unanimously accepted that BPU-9 will be held in Istanbul in 2015, and decided the details about organization of the BPU-9 to be discussed during the first next Executive Committee Meeting.

3. Miscellaneous

Professor Victor Ciupina and Prof. Metin Arik informed the Council about Prof. Athanasios Lam-bros proposal to organize the next EC meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece) in in the last week of Sep-tember or the first week of October 2012. This proposal was anonymously accepted by the Council.

Professor Victor Ciupina proposed continuous organization of the Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics in Constanta (Romania). This proposal was accepted.

4. Election of new Executive Committee member

Professor Metin Arik, on behalf of Turkish Physical Society, proposed Ass. Prof. Yesin Oktem from the Istanbul University (Turkey) for the next president of the BPU. This proposal was unanimously accepted. So new President for the next 3 years elected Ass. Prof. Yesin Oktem unanimously.

Serbian Physical Society candidate Prof. Goran Djordjevic from the Nis University (Serbia) for the position of the Vice President and this proposal was unanimously accepted. So new Vice President for the next 3 years elected Prof. Goran Djordjevic unanimously.

Professor Metin Arik, for position of Executive Secretary, proposed Prof. Athanasios Lambros from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and this proposal was accepted with five votes and one abstained. So new Executive Secretary for the next 3 years elected Prof. Athanassios Lambros by majority.

Professor Victor Ciupina proposed Prof. Radu Constantinescu from the Craiova University (Roma-nia) for the post of Scientific Secretary and this proposal was unanimously accepted. So new Sci-entific Secretary for the next 3 years elected Prof. Radu Constantinescu unanimously.

Professor Ivan Lalov proposed Prof. Nicolai Tonchev from Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia (Bulgaria) for the post of Coordinator for Scientific Projects and this proposal was unanimously accepted.. So new Coordinator for Scientific Projects for the next 3 years elected Prof. Nicholai Tonchev unanimously.

For the post liaison officer between BPU-EPS there was no candidate. This post and liaison be-tween BPU and EPS will be considered by the EC at its next meeting.